WELCOME TO TriStar Capital, LLC

TriStar Capital, LLC is an equipment leasing and financing company located in Santa Ana, California. TriStar provides capital for businesses looking to acquire new and used equipment. Not limited to a particular industry or transaction size, TriStar provides financing for customers in both high and low technology industries, for small and large corporations alike.

TriStar Capital combines the resources found in a large leasing company with the personal service and experience that customers seek from a local financing source. TriStar Capital differentiates itself from many traditional lenders; transactions are not evaluated based on where they fall within a certain matrix, but instead, looked at individually. This allows TriStar to determine the best possible financing solution for each customer - whether it is the payment, the term of the lease, or the buyout option that is best for the equipment.

The experience for TriStar Capital's management coupled with the training and knowledge of our account executives ensures you that you are working with a dependable financing partner. We will work with you to create a financing program that suits not only your current needs, but your long term needs as well.

A vendor partnership with TriStar Capital can provide benefits for both you and your customers. Please review the programs that we have outlined for our preferred vendors. We look forward to the opportunity to form a successful partnership with you.


TriStar Capital is your best source for equipment leasing and financing. We finance and lease all types of equipment and titled vehicles from all industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging & Food Processing
  • Waste
  • Construction
  • Concrete
  • Printing
  • Pumper & Cleaner
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